Not much…

happened today…well ok, that’s not completely true. It was nice, I actually slept in today, but that means that I didn’t have my kids, which makes me a little sad :(. R, M and I went to the tattoo convention in SLC. M invited May and Sam, they are pleasant kids to have around. The convention was ok, but I can’t seem to find the design for my “dream” tattoo, it’s a shame I can’t draw. We went to the Gateway for lunch….I love that place. It’s a Sociology class all by it’s self!

We had dinner with Marci tonight. It’s always nice to see her, but I’m so conflicted in how I really feel about her. She had so much hate for me in the begining of my relationship with R. She bought into all of J’s bullshit and made HUGE judgements about me. Now I know I gotta let the past be the past, but it wasn’t until last January that Marci really saw J for what and who she really is. Thing is, I know that Marci would never intentionally hurt me…I’m huge to Rizzi and she loves Rizzi like a sister. I believe that Marci’s heart is huge and gracious, but she has caused damage to myself and R without knowing it. It’s hard sometimes to open up my home to someone who has given J information about us….Let the past be the past…I know!!

No new e-mails from J….wow and she didn’t even call the cops…:)

I now look forward to the ritual of changing clothes, brushing teeth and snuggling with my soulmate!!!


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