what an incredible love story. On Friday Rizzi and I went and saw the ballet at WSU….I love Cinderella, it is by far the best love story!! While sitting in our seats waiting for it to begin we had the opportunity to listen to the symphony warm up. It gives me chills, to watch a group of men and women come together and make something beautiful…it’s how life should work. We should all be working together to make life happen. It gives me chills to watch, brings tears to my eyes and motivates me like no other!
As the ballet began I was met with tears of excitement, past dreams and a hope that all would go well…for all of them. I remember, like yesterday, what it was like to rehearse, practice, be disappointed and have the opening night of a dance…hell I danced on the very same stage. It’s exhilerating. I felt all those same emotions as I watched the symphony, the ballerina’s and the stage all come together….you know, men and women working together and making something beautiful….I think it is my new life motto!! I cried at least four times, felt the chills all evening and my heart swelled HUGE!!! It was so magical to me.
Rizzi, I’m sure, didn’t have the same feelings, but she was there with me…ALWAYS. She is so incredible. She is truly perfect for me!! Thanks for the incredible date night babe, it was perfect!!


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