OMG, the Human Body….

it was an incredible!!! The day before we got Wyatt and Cheyenne report cards and both got incredible grades, so Rizzi and I took them out of school early (M got out early for some school reason) and we headed out to SLC, to the Clarke Planetarium and watched the Human Body. I sooo wish I could have seen a show like that when I was younger, it makes you REALLY think about what going on with our incredible machine!! I wish that the show would have been longer, it was 45 minutes, but I would HIGHLY suggest anyone go see it. Cheyenne cracked me up, she covered her eyes during the food processing part. We went to dinner after the show to California Pizza Kitchen, I LOVE that place. We didn’t get home until after 2000 so it was brush teeth and off to bed.
I love bed time with Rizzi, and not for all the reason that just ran through your mind, but because we laugh SOOOOO hard. She is my best friend!!! She should be a comedian 🙂


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