My brain is…

goo!!! I recently decided to go back to school, as stated previously, and I have been studying like no other. It makes my brain useless for simple tasks. My kids probably think I have problems :). I went to coffee with friends today, it was nice to sit with a group of adults, but I really missed Rizzi. It’s strange, you live with someone and see them on ALL your time off, but I still miss her like crazy when she’s not with me….I know I’m having half the fun I could be having.

So the kids dad called today to confirm that he will be leaving for Iraq on Apr 05. My son has been saying how much he will miss his daddy, I’m really worried how well they will do with dad gone.

Fortunately, Andy and I have done divorce really well, I know sounds strange, but it’s true. We share, 50/50, with time and money. I have been fortunate that my ex is not a “gay hater” or out to screw me over because of his personal feelings. We have really pushed aside our difference, and realize that the kids mental health is more important than hurting one another. Don’t get me wrong, we have our moments, but overall it’s all about Wyatt and Cheyenne. With that being said, my kids are really health adjusted kids that have enjoyed both their parents, but now that Andy is leaving, half their balance will be gone.

Andy remarried shortly after we divorced and the kids love Kit like a mom, so they will still be going to their house half time and share his space, but he will be gone. I worry how it will effect them on a daily basis, and know it will be hard in the begining and hope that it will get better for them. I want a crystal ball….NOW!! 🙂 I made appointments for them with a counselor, we’ll see if it helps. If anyone even reads this blog, let me know if you’ve had a similar situation and how you dealt with it.


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