Life is..

a series of recognitions and taking advantage of opportunities….or at least that’s what it means to me today. So, life is ever changing as well….it’s how you flow with change that speaks of who and what you are. Though I see the tests, I don’t doubt for one minute that I pass, sometimes with A’s, other times with C’s, but I am certain I am not a failure.

I write this not only for me, but for friends that may be down on their luck….for those, who at moments like now, need someone to show them that it isn’t always about you…not in a rude way, but in a way that says, it’s not your fault, don’t doubt yourself or what you are doing!!! Know that it’s about opportunities…and that little girl wasn’t ready for her opportunity! You pass your life with A’s…maybe she didn’t feel ready for her test. You know who you are when I write this…and I KNOW without doubt that you are ready and willing, but life is ever changing, and though you have had ebbs and tides throughout your life, this is what has defined you, made you who you are….and your incredible. I hope that people give back to you the same way that you give. Thank you for you….know that gifts are given to you everyday, and the gift that you want is waiting….for the right opportunity!


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  1. keri

    I have big love for you! Thanks for the pep talk – it has worked wonders.
    And thanks for your friendship – you are really amazing.

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