So much to say…

so little time. Ok, update on employee, he called. I sent it to voicemail. He left message and acted as though we are bestfriends. I won’t text or tell him over the phone that we are not friends, and that he has got to find someone else to help him, but I don’t know if doing it face to face is a good idea either *sigh*.

Went to dinner last night with Rizzi and the kids, P&C and K. K is a friend of mine that is transgendering and goes to get his top surgery today…YAY!!! I am so excited for him. I talked with him this morning and we decided that “drunk” texting is in order this evening. My kids met him for the first time last Friday and Chey really loves him. When I told her this morning that K was getting his surgery today, she chanted his name over and over and asked if she could stay the night to help take care of him. I love her!! Funny thing is that Chey is my tough nut that doesn’t usually like people. She’s my introvert, so it’s cool when you see her attach herself to people. P&C is my straight friend who is the BIGGEST allie ever….same with her mom. I have HUGE love for P&C….she’s the best.

By the way…had a big fire in the fire pit in the back yard last night….I LOVE IT!!!


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