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My brain is…

goo!!! I recently decided to go back to school, as stated previously, and I have been studying like no other. It makes my brain useless for simple tasks. My kids probably think I have problems :). I went to coffee with friends today, it was nice to sit with a group of adults, but I really missed Rizzi. It’s strange, you live with someone and see them on ALL your time off, but I still miss her like crazy when she’s not with me….I know I’m having half the fun I could be having.

So the kids dad called today to confirm that he will be leaving for Iraq on Apr 05. My son has been saying how much he will miss his daddy, I’m really worried how well they will do with dad gone.

Fortunately, Andy and I have done divorce really well, I know sounds strange, but it’s true. We share, 50/50, with time and money. I have been fortunate that my ex is not a “gay hater” or out to screw me over because of his personal feelings. We have really pushed aside our difference, and realize that the kids mental health is more important than hurting one another. Don’t get me wrong, we have our moments, but overall it’s all about Wyatt and Cheyenne. With that being said, my kids are really health adjusted kids that have enjoyed both their parents, but now that Andy is leaving, half their balance will be gone.

Andy remarried shortly after we divorced and the kids love Kit like a mom, so they will still be going to their house half time and share his space, but he will be gone. I worry how it will effect them on a daily basis, and know it will be hard in the begining and hope that it will get better for them. I want a crystal ball….NOW!! 🙂 I made appointments for them with a counselor, we’ll see if it helps. If anyone even reads this blog, let me know if you’ve had a similar situation and how you dealt with it.


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How creepy can…

one person get?? You know who you are, and your creepy, deceitful and twisted. It won’t be long until all of that is discovered, and I’ll be standing there smiling like a giddy school girl 🙂 I wish you no harm, I wish you no ill will, but I do know you will be discovered for what you really are, and that is the justice/karma of life….it’s coming full circle. It’s taken years for it to be that way, but truth does prevail….promise.

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OMG, the Human Body….

it was an incredible!!! The day before we got Wyatt and Cheyenne report cards and both got incredible grades, so Rizzi and I took them out of school early (M got out early for some school reason) and we headed out to SLC, to the Clarke Planetarium and watched the Human Body. I sooo wish I could have seen a show like that when I was younger, it makes you REALLY think about what going on with our incredible machine!! I wish that the show would have been longer, it was 45 minutes, but I would HIGHLY suggest anyone go see it. Cheyenne cracked me up, she covered her eyes during the food processing part. We went to dinner after the show to California Pizza Kitchen, I LOVE that place. We didn’t get home until after 2000 so it was brush teeth and off to bed.
I love bed time with Rizzi, and not for all the reason that just ran through your mind, but because we laugh SOOOOO hard. She is my best friend!!! She should be a comedian 🙂

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I think I forgot to mention…

that I have blocked a TON of my posts because we are going back to court with J, and until all is done, I think it best to keep my posts private. However, when all is said and done, I’ll post like no other 🙂

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what an incredible love story. On Friday Rizzi and I went and saw the ballet at WSU….I love Cinderella, it is by far the best love story!! While sitting in our seats waiting for it to begin we had the opportunity to listen to the symphony warm up. It gives me chills, to watch a group of men and women come together and make something beautiful…it’s how life should work. We should all be working together to make life happen. It gives me chills to watch, brings tears to my eyes and motivates me like no other!
As the ballet began I was met with tears of excitement, past dreams and a hope that all would go well…for all of them. I remember, like yesterday, what it was like to rehearse, practice, be disappointed and have the opening night of a dance…hell I danced on the very same stage. It’s exhilerating. I felt all those same emotions as I watched the symphony, the ballerina’s and the stage all come together….you know, men and women working together and making something beautiful….I think it is my new life motto!! I cried at least four times, felt the chills all evening and my heart swelled HUGE!!! It was so magical to me.
Rizzi, I’m sure, didn’t have the same feelings, but she was there with me…ALWAYS. She is so incredible. She is truly perfect for me!! Thanks for the incredible date night babe, it was perfect!!

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that has become a habit lately. Not that it’s a bad thing…it’s just that it can make the “real world” a little more difficult. I recently went and had a visit with an Acadmic Counselor at WSU. Turns out I only have a year left for my batchelors and a minor in English. I then will apply for law school….soooo excited to move on with my life and do what I have been “daydreaming” about for close to a decade. I’m scared to not accomplish my goal, as I believe this is so doable and expect alot of myself, but I really hate disappointment. I want to prove to myself that I am able to accomplish this task and make it happen. I have been viewing myself as wasted potential for time now, sick of feeling that way. I have so many excuese I give myself for not going (mortgage, car payment, kids, blah, blah, blah) and I’m done doing it!! I am a true believer of “you can be anything when you grow up?” Good thing I haven’t grown up yet 😉

I meet with the CJ dept on Friday to determine how many courses are necessary for graduation and the advisor is a judge, so hopefully they will be full of advise for me. I am so excited to go, and yes, I know I will be frustrated, want to give up and yell at myself on occasion for putting myself through this torture….but what’s fun if you don’t have a little discomfort right?

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