What a wonderful weekend I had…

You may be saying to yourself, but it’s Wednesday…I know!! 🙂 You see I worked Fri-Sun 1900-0700, so I went to bed Monday at 0700. So really, its like haveing Tues and Wed off. Anyway, the whole point being, I have jacked up weekends. Monday I was supposed to stay awake and take K to see his doctor after his surgery, but for some reason the gods have it out for me and it snows a TON when I’m supposed to go to SLC. I came home instead and slept until 1300, got kids at 1500 and drove to SugarHouse to make K some dinner. P&C went with me, she ROCKS.

Speaking of P&C, there is a coffee shop on Washintion just South of 12th street (used to be a BBQ place), she stopped there to get us some chai’s for the trip. Well, P&C was talking on the phone and so she waved the car behind her to go before her (she’s so polite.) The car goes and leaves and P&C pulls up orders, gets the drinks and is going to pay but the cashier tells her the car before her paid already. Just when P&C and I have lost hope in humanity! The cashier explains it’s a woman who visits quite frequently, so P&C give the cashier enough money to cover the woman’s drink and the cashier a hefty tip. Cashier doesn’t want to take it, but P&C insists. HOW COOL IS THAT STORY! I know where I’m gettin my coffee from here on out, AND, it’s locally owned YAY!!

It was nice to have dinner with K, P&C and the kids. K looks FANTASTIC. He is so excited for his change. It was nice for my kids to be exposed to change and difference and have it be a beautiful thing, though my son is having a hard time understanding. No forcing understanding, but he’ll either get it, or he won’t. Simple!!

Yesterday I woke up wanting to clean the whole entire world, but I kept it in the kitchen. I took kids to school at 0730 and came home and swiffered the floors in the kitchen, dining room and Front room. I then scrubbed them. Like Cinderella scrubbed them and then mopped them with Murphy’s oil. They look awesome. The wood is so shiny. I love my hard wood floors, one of the bonus’ of owning an older home. Of course within a half an hour my dog streaked through the house with muddy paws. And 3 hours after that my kids got home and wanted egg salad sandwiches. Now when a kids want egg salad sandwiches they want to de-shell them (DUH!!). OMG, yeah it was messy. But the cool thing, my kids OFFERED to clean it up. I love that they are getting older. My sister stopped by with Livy, god that little girl is delicious!! Rizzi got home late, but she made up for it later that night….not what you thinking 🙂 She talked to me forever, and for Marcy, that can be better than sex….well not always but anyway 🙂

I work the next two nights and have the weekend off, and bonus, I have the kids this weekend. Andy leaves Saturday….so not looking forward to that. I think I’ll end up crying with my son because I can’t imagine my dad leaving when I was 7. But, hey, let’s not focus on crappy things that haven’t happened yet.

Thanks for letting me ramble!!


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