April 9th is officially…

pat Marcy on the back day!! Well, at least that’s what Rizzi named it :). Yesterday was an awesome day for me, on all sorts of levels. And oddly enough it all started at IHOP. You see, IHOP currently has a Horton Hears a Who dinner for kids, and Cheyenne was so excited to get this dinner. So Rizzi, M, Wyatt, Chey and myself go there for dinner. When wer first entered, the handsome Manage, who is the gayes boy ever, said, long time no see. Ok, I don’t even remember him, but he was so nice! As we walked to our table I noticed a woman and her son eating there, just the two of them. The boy was about Cheyenne’s age I was guessing. This cute little man was having Horton for dinner as well. Rizzi and I are laughing and joking, as usual (she CRACKS me up all the time). I can’t remember how the conversation got started, but next thing I know we are talking to this woman and son about the movie they just watched. The table next to us joined in the converstaion. It was awesome, stranger talking like friends, I live for it!! The conversation then turned to school and which Wyatt and Cheyenne attend. She said her son, B, goes to a private school as well, he is in preschool. God, its so hazy now, I just remember this woman was in pain, and you could see it on her face. She was well dressed, beautiful and just racked with grief. I could see it on her face. I couldn’t help myself, I told her that she would be ok, whatever was hurting her would pass if she believed in herself. Ok, so you may be wondering why I said it. Wouldn’t you if you knew it could change a persons life?
This woman started to cry. Marcy being Marcy I stood up on the bench, stepped over to where she was (behind us) and hugged her so tight. She hugged back, and held tightly as well. She let go, looked at me and asked if I was an angel. I laughed and told her, no, just some crazy lady from Ogden. šŸ™‚ It turns out this woman, B, is from Sacramento, recently divorced and in her first lesbian raltionship at age 40. How amazing that like people are drawn to like people. Truly, had no idea this woamn was “family” until after we hugged. It was funny, after we hugged tight and wiped our tears away, I extended my hand and said, “my names Marcy, what’s yours?” We both laughed.
I sat with her and her son for about half an hour, we exchanged numbers and I hope to hear from her soon. I was worried about her last night. At one point in the conversation she askes Rizzi, who is still behind us, if she was ok with her and I talking. Rizzi laughed and said, I’m so used to it, I love that she can help. God she is perfect for me!!

Ok, so I get back to our table and start eating with the fam. The manager, who happened to be our server as well, comes to the table and asks me, do you remember me? OMG, please, no tests!! I said, you look familiar. You never know if it’s from the jail….well!!! He says to me, well you were the most inspiring customer I’ve ever helped. He said that years ago I had come in for breakfast and he was BRAND new. He told me that I was the most positive customer he had and that I complimented him often. Often enough to inspire him to stay and work into management. He explained that I helped his self confidence a TON at work. How fuckin cool is that?? I almost cried again. I told him thanks and that it meant a ton to me that he would take the time to tell me. So by this time Rizzi and I are laughing and joking about my ego…I am human, it felt good to have people tell you how special you are.

So then we get home and I notice K is online. I drop him a line and ask how he is feeling. He says he’s awesome. Stir crazy but awesome. He then tells me that he talked to his therapist about me today and how incredible I am in his life. He types that he loves me so much and that I have been an incredible friend. OMG, I am LOVING today right!!! How can you go wrong? I express my love for everyone daily, and it’s nice to get it back in return.

And on a final note…My friend P&C, she I/M’d and told me what a positive influence I’ve been in her life, that her life has changed for the best since she has met me and that I am like family to her. I love her sooo much!!! I seriously don’t know what to say to all the events of today, but Rizzi chuckled, pulled me close to her and said, holy shit babe, it’s officially pat Marcy on the back day. She made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants šŸ™‚ Rizzi thanked me for being me, I thanked her for being her and off to bed we went so we could officially pat Marcy on the back šŸ˜‰


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One response to “April 9th is officially…

  1. Keri

    What an incredible day! & what an incredible person you are!!
    Just by being you, you change lives. I don’t see you nearly enough but I’m always so happy to see an email from you!
    Thanks for being so wonderful!
    pat, pat…

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