Wow, feeling a little overwhelmed…

but know that with due time I will be ok.  So on Friday kids went to K’s house, which is the plan with Andy gone.  When I spoke with Chey she told me they were going to stay with K’s friends so she could go audition for deal no deal….ummm ok, why aren’t they staying with me instead?  I was confused by the whole thing.  I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that she didn’t let me know she had plans and took them to friends house instead of with me.  Soooo….I sent her an email asking that in the future I’d perfer the kids be with family over friends.  I also explained that I would do the same.  So if Rizzi couldn’t be with them then I would ask my sister or my mom and if they were unavailable then I would call her.  SERIOUSLY, that is all the damn e-mail said.  So in return I get an email that says that her friends are like family and that she felt it beneficial for Wyatt, since he would be having “man time” with her friend.  WTF?!?!  I could care less about “man” time, I just want my kids with fucking family….It gets better.

History real quick.  Last Aug K called me saying that her and Andy were getting divorced and that I “needed to protect the kids from him.”  She explained that Andy can be emotionally abusive to the kids by yelling and screaming at her in front of them.  I mean, she told me a lot of shit.  I asked her to put it in an email so I could give it to my attorney.  Of course she never did, but I did contact my attorney, who told me she was probably just being bitter and if I had no proof that I should just work it out with Andy.  So I called Andy and told him what K had told me….

OK, back to the other story.  So the rest her email goes on to say, “I’m having a hard time getting over the fact that you told Andy about our conversation when we were going through a rough spell.”  And she says she thought she could trust me, blah, blah, blah.  Are you fucking fisting me?  This shit happen in fucking August!!!  GET OVER IT!!  I did, and I moved on.  This is soooo her shit not mine, and tell me, what the fuck does this have to do with MY kids?  What I can’t stand most about ppl who have divorced or separated is they don’t let go of personal feelings and stop thinking about the kids.  TRUST ME, my kids wouldn’t be there if it was about me.  But it is about Wy and Chey and it is in their best interest to continue with a routine that has been established….but god damn, she’s pushin her luck.  Trust me??  She doesn’t even know me!!!  Needless to say I won’t respond to her asinine personal attack.  I’m interested to talk with her and find her rationale for her idiotic statement, but I know I will have the upper hand because I WON’T allow my personal feeling interfere with what is best for the kids…….FUCK!!!!


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  1. Sorry she’s being such a nightmare. It’s common sense that the kids would be with you if they aren’t going to be with her – dumb. And it’s also common sense that you would talk to the father of your children if you heard that he was being “emotionally abusive” to them. – again, dumb.
    You’ll handle it perfectly. You always do.

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