3 years ago today….

I watched her lose herself, fall to the floor and give up hope.  3 years ago I watched and wanted so badly to make it better, but knew that I’d lose myself and what was important for me.  I told her I loved her more than I had loved anyone and that I wouldn’t be far away EVER, turned, with tears in my eyes and walked out the door.  I crossed that threshold with fear, unknowing and sorrow of lost opportunies, but soooo strong and calm.   Marcy was Marcy again.  Though abused and battered from a previous relationship, I just walked out on a woman I knew I would love forever.  I knew that no matter what may happen, that I would be ok, I was strong, confident and ALIVE again.  I sat in my car, proud, stunned and a little in awe that I, for once in my life, did what was right for me, not giving in to others.  I knew that we would be together forever, no matter what capacity and that it would be the healthiest relationship of my life. 

I woke up by her side this morning.  I sat up in bed and looked her beautiful face, knowing that I am the luckiest girl in the galaxy.  She is my balance, my best friend, lover and best mermaid friend you could ask for.  She is my calm, my sanctuary, my sanity most days and the sunset of my nights.  She swims in the deep end of the pool with me when everyone else seems shallow.  She holds my hand through my hell, while I do the same with her.  She loves me…truly.  And I am sooo IN love with her.  It’s amazing that 3 years have passed.  I’m thankful everyday that she called me on April 22, 2005, the next day following her loss of hope, and took me to lunch.  We have been holding on to each other tightly since.  We actually got tattoos that day….and NO, not our names (dorky!!), but symbols of what our strengths are as individuals. 

To the next 3 years, and the next, and the next and the next……..

Happy partner day babe, BUES!!!!!


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  1. ahhh, this is the sweetest post! Happy Anniversary girls! You are both very lucky to have each other.

    Here’s to many, many more!

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