It’s all begining to happen…

I have been given a scholarship for summer quarter!!!  YAY!!!  I’m for real going back to school, and I’m so damn scared!  I haven’t been to any type of school for over 10 years.  When I went to WSU on Monday and met with my academic counselor I looked at all the “young” people and was so intimidated.  Though, I was mistaken for a high school girl (FUCK YEAH BABY!!!!)  I hate to say I hope, because most people use it and put no effort behind it, but I really do hope I do well.  I soooo want out of my current job and the only way for me is going back to school.  I found out that I will have to take the LSAT in the fall, instead of summer, and that has me completely freaked out.  Truly, my ticket out of my current job is the LSAT score, and holy shit I’m so afraid of failure!!  Wish me luck and send good joojoo my way 🙂



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  1. You got a scholarship? Shut up! You are so awesome!!
    Seriously, you’re going to do so great. The LSAT will freak you out for the next few months and then you’ll be done with it forever!

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