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I love my weekends…

and yes, Wednesday and Thursday are my weekends….this week 🙂  I love that my kids are out of school and I just get to hang out with them.  They are happy little lights….most the time.  Rizzi’s parents are coming from San Jose today.  We are all so excited to see them.  They will only be here a short time, leaving on Sunday, and of course I work the whole weekend.  But that’s ok, we will be leaving for family vacation to Monterey and swing by and visit with them. 

We got M yesterday….have I mentioned how sad it is that J sets him up to be disappointed?  When we got back to our house Rizzi explained that he would be missing most of his baseball practices and games because of us being out of town.  Now mind you, J just signed him up without consulting Rizzi and expected us to pay for and take him to games.  She knew ALL along that we would have him the month of June, yet all of the baseball activity is in June.  So of course M became upset.  Who can blame him, and he began to argue and it was sad to hear what he had to say….it was all her words.  He told us that we don’t go to his games (we miss about half with work) and that we don’t care etc.  It was sad to hear how she handles things, how she presents it to M.  He went on to say that we agreed  to baseball, which is so far from the truth.  We offered to show him emails that we have sent her…providing evidence I guess.  How sad that parenting comes down to showing “your side” of the issue to a 9 year old.  He cried, Rizzi cried, they hugged and we moved forward with our day.  Best you can do I suppose. 

Off to study for LSAT!!! I take it 06 Dec…YIKES!!



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K called and apologized immensely!!  She admitted she was wrong and she actually took the time to talk.  Our problem is lack of communication, and I think she got the full view of what I’ve talking about.  I send the kids there on Sunday, and I have a better feeling about it now, then I did a month ago.  Sometimes it takes a major issue blowing up to come to a resolution.  Andy called numerous times throughout the ordeal freaking out.  Over and over I explained that this issue is not ours, it’s K and I’s.  He finally got it, backed out and let us handle it.  Sheesh, life is crazy sometimes.  As far as J, well I think we are close to an agreement, but who the hell knows with her. 

School is OUT!!  I think I’m more excited than my kids.  I am loving having hang out time with them, we didn’t have that during the shool year.  As far as school with me, LOVING IT!!!! 

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So much to catch up on…

So mothers day was fantastic.  Went to Rooster’s for brunch with the kids, Rizzi, my parents and my sister, her husband and her brand new baby.  I had waited years to tell my sister happy mother’s day!!!  I had to work the following day, my birthday no less, and became soooo sick!  I am barely able to get my wits about me.  It hit the whole family….ugliness I tell ya!!  I got a call on my birthday from Andy.  Turns out his group was hit with a suicide bomber, killing 5 people, but he said he is fine, just some bumps and bruises.  I asked him if it’s worth the money, and he said it was….weird!

Got bad news about court, turns out J doesn’t want to work things out, and Rizzi is second guessing her decision to proceed any further.  I sooo understand why she is hesitant.  M is sooooo fucking brain washed.   How do you compete with that?  It’s strange, I can be so solid one minute, and the next I’m not real sure what we should do.  Time will tell I suppose. 

Went to the first day of school on Saturday…the professor didn’t show up.  Hope this isn’t an omen 🙂

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