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Could it be…

I’ve been so down about work lately, like so down it encouraged me to go back to school, that I might find enjoyment again?? I interviewed for negotiator today and got a call letting me know I was number 1….SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! Im so excited I could scream.


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I woke up to..

her caressing my face and butterfly kisses on my cheek.  She is my balance, my best friend and lover.  How she puts up with me I’ll never know, I’m just glad she does. 

I ran into a “client” of mine at a local gas station, and she said that she is “surving.”  It made my mind think that there are many that live to survive, whereas I survive to live…..weird.

Took my first test  in 11 years yesterday.  Not so sure how I did, but I’ll post the results of my studying between work, full time mom duties and being available to all that I love.

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So much has happened….

but such little time to write!!  School is incredible…and scary all at the same time.  We all just got back from a fantastic trip from Monterey/San Jose.  The weather was perfect and the kids loved the beach.  My little girl, bless her innocent little heart.  So there we are, Cheyenne and I, in the public restroom at Santa Cruz.  We had just ran off the beach that she had buried her body in so that she could go “pee.”  As she was in the stall you could hear her singing.  She loves to sing in a bathroom (it echos duh!!).  Out of nowhere she says, in her loudest big girl voice, “MOM, theres sand in my agina!!!!”  No that is not a mispelled word, that is how my lovely, innocent little girl says vagina…..LOVE IT!!  I heard quite a few woman chuckle and I too laughed and said, Oh…I should have warned you of that, sorry.  Of course she wasn’t finished….she says, why is there sand in my agina mom?  I explained it just has an uncanny ability to find it’s way everywhere.  It was soooo cute.  After the restroom we chased the BIGGEST flock of seagulls I’ve ever seen.  It was perfect.

We have M for a little while this summer.  It’s been soooo hard.  J is really twisting his mind.  To the point he would rather play baseball than go to California to see his grandparents.  She has him convinced we are keeping him from living his life.  He’s now afraid to stay home alone with me and wants to stay with her family friends, because he isn’t supposed to be home with me for more than 4 hours…..WHAT???  And he only becomes upset and cries/yells/argues with us when we tell him otherwise.  I feel like it’s starting to rip us all apart at times, but I know that is the reason for it.  J wants us to give up….well hun….yeah were like spandex the five of us.  We bend, adjust, widen and SNAP right back into place….:)

Off to write some papers but wanted to check in with everyone.  Signed up for LSAT preparation course that will take place in Aug…..*sigh*……I’ll kick it’s ASS!!!!


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