Ihave cried more tears…

than I care to admit.  I have talked until no words where left.  I have pushed myself to fight for what I KNOW is right.  And then you read post after post of sorrow, desperation and anger.  And for what??  Though M hasn’t been taken from us….he has.  Because of selfishness and and unwillingness to see what harm we are doing to our children.  As K states in her post, is it possible to reach out to all of these people?  Mylar……REALLY????  Why??? Why is this happening in our community?  Who can change it and sign me up for it.  I feel desperate again….I feel hollow.  I feel helpless…how horrible for us all.  What can we do as a group…PLEASE…can we all sit down and at least support each other?  Sit down cry and then get inspired.  I can’t sit on this couch any longer and write and read about the hurt and not do anything.  I might not change laws, but I can help with hurt.  Enough is Enough!!!!


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  1. I love that you care so much. I know it just comes naturally for you but that’s what makes you so special.
    We’re meeting today at 3 to discuss some possible ways we can help this particular mom. I’ll keep you updates.

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