The Arts Festival

How can you not love an arts festival?  I’d have to say that this year sucked….not the art, but it was filled with contention.  Mostly on my part.  Let me explain.  For the last three years I have rented a condo and Rizzi and I go with the kids.  Well this year I decided to ask my parents to go, it was my dad’s 60th birthday on Sunday, so what better way to celebrate than all of us heading to park city?  In early May I asked my parents, sister and Rizzi if they all wanted to go.  Side note, I LOVE THE ARTS FESTIVAL, keep that in mind.  So when everyone agreed to go I was soooo excited.  I wasn’t supposed to have my kids, they would be in Florida with dad until Sunday night.  Even more exciting, I’d actually get to go somewhere without kids (not that I don’t love them, it’s just nice to have sometime with  Rizzi alone).  So on Wyatt’s birthday, July 26, C tells me that they will be returning on the 1st of the month.  Ok, slight modification, pick kids up from airport and head to park city.  I’m adjustable, I was annoyed that she waited to tell me, but hey, it’s doable.  Well, then my mom calls and let’s me know that they don’t want to drive up Friday night (my dad got off work at 1700) because it would be dark.  Ok, disappointed but I’m still doing fine. 

We go to the airport first.  I saw my kids by the baggage drop area.  I became an Olympic runner in seconds to get to them.  Wyatt hugged me so tight and started crying.  He was so happy to be home.  He did preface his excitement by saying he missed his daddy a ton, but was glad to be back.  Cheyenne was second, though she hugged onto my leg so tight it tingled.  I scooped her up and she was all smiles.  PERFECT way to start a vacation.  The drive to PC was incredible, it’s always so pretty.  We couldn’t check in to the condo until 1600 so we drove to the outlet mall.  Mistake, it was insane.  We did get to buy some school clothes for the kids and Cheyenne picked out the cutest Van’s (black with PINK stars duh!!)

We check in.  It was an incredible condo, I do pick them nice.  We unpack and the kids start playing games.  It was so relaxing.  Jenny and Gregg call us, they are on their way and I meet them outside.  Livey, who is now 6 months, is so delicious.  I swear I could eat this girl up!!  We all decide to go to dinner and pick Squatters.  It was nice to all be together.  My kids fell asleep at the restaurant.  We head back, I tuck in my kids kissing them goodnight.  Me, Jenny and Gregg stayed up way past bedtime.  Rizzi was smart, she went to bed early.  The next morning, at about 0730, I wake up and make coffee.  Sometimes is nice to be up first, when it’s still quiet and no one to interrupt thoughts.  Within an hour all are up and I call my parents.  Now mind you, Jenny and I had bets if they’d really be staying the night.  I was trying to stay optimistic, but I had the nagging feeling they wouldn’t be staying.  They plan on arriving at about 1000.  At 0930 they arrive.  I show them the room they will be staying in….I see my mom hesitate, my dad says it’s nice, but I can see it in their eyes.  They won’t be staying.  This is soooo my parents MO.  I feel disappointment when my mom says they will probably just be going home after the festival.  They say that it will be easier for us because we hadn’t planned on the kids being there….WHATEVER!!  Just say it, say you like being at home.  Lies, lies, exuses, excuses.  So yeah, I was upset.  Didn’t help that Rizzi was being anti-social.  She just kept to herself.  I ached for her to be close to me, but it felt as though she was a thousand miles away.  So in the middle of park city, I lost my mind.  Yeah, if anyone of you saw a girl on the side of the street talking loudly and crying….hi that’s me!!  I feel so bad for Rizzi, because unfortunately she was the one that got the wrath of Marcy.  Poor girl, I’ll never know how she does it.  I wanted to go home so bad.  I just wanted to run away.  Oh well, I toughed it out.  Rizzi ended up taking the kids to the swimming pool, leaving me with my parents, sister and Gregg.  It did wonders not to have the pressure of acting normal around my kids.  By the time we got back to the condo (we hugged my parents goodbye in the parking lot) I had calmed down.  The evening at the condo was nice.  We ordered pizza and just sat around talking most the night.  I was sad that I allowed Rizzi’s mood and my parents departure news to take away from my favorite activity.  Next year will be different.  It will be me, Rizzi, kids, Jenny and Gregg.  That is my true family.


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