That’s what I am.  Do you ever have weeks that never end?  Weird thing is….I’m so waiting for school to start back up, I guess to add more onto these weary shoulders.  I’ve been looking at schools in California, Oregon and Arizona….that damn LSAT better go my way or I’ll be….fine:)  Really, there are times I spook myself into believing life will be horrible if I don’t pass….but then remember that I have a good job, a kickin family and a great place to live.  If only I could remember that ALL the time.

Fighting with Rizzi’s ex is still ongoing.  Been calling my attorney daily with no phone calls back…can you say aggravated?  Seriously, when I have more time I will post our last email exchange with J…it’s becoming funny.

On to better things….Wyatt and Cheyenne just left yesterday to go stay with K….it’s been 2 weeks that I had them all to myself and it was difficult to drive away from my teared streaked little girl.  My son was so chatty with K I don’t think he saw me leave.  Emotionally I want to snatch them back up, put them in the car and not share.  Logically I know it’s the healthiest thing for them.  Sharing is caring (that’s what my sister tells me.)  Whenever I feel the emotions creep up I just remember people like Rizzi, KLJ and all the others that don’t get to spend time with their kids because of selfishness and petty bullshit and it fills my heart with sunshine…..well ok, not sunshine, but I leave knowing I’m a better person.  I am fulfilling my kids life with all that love them and Marcy just has to step aside on occasion and know it’s not all about her and her feelings…..sigh.  So, even though the pang of loneliness from them lingers, I am happy that my kids have full lives and are surrounded and allowed to be with the ones they love.


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