I so miss them….

when they are gone.  Sitting on my couch, reading like there are no more books to be printed, when the phone rings.  On rare occasions that I have by myself I usually send it to voice mail.  I looked at the number that has interrupted vampire kisses and werewolves lust…801-644….that’s all I needed to see.  I quickly answer and I hear my girls helium voice squeel in delight.  My face is consumed with the biggest smile.  “Hi sweet girl!!”  “Hi momma…did you get your message?”  “No speck-a-lec I didn’t”  Had I missed a call from them….stupid phone!!  We chatted about her day riding horses.  “I wode Ace, I wode Ace, I wode Gingew, I wode Gingew, went to the stowe, and came home to take a showew.”  Now it must be noted that my daughter is not in the habit of repeating herself, but it is to let me know that she rode both her horses twice today.  She then asked if it would be ok to get her ears pierced on Tuesday for her birthday (it’s acutally on Wed but who’s keeping track.)  K will take her to get her ears pierced…she issss so excited.  This will be the second time, she’s allergic to everything.  After I’ll sleep tights, don’t let the beddy bug bites and have sweet dreams, my little man is next, and his excitement is contagious!!  “HI MOM!!!”  “Hi pumpkin, how are you?!?  He goes on to tell me about all the drunk/high people at the Davis County Fair, and remembered fondly last year when he threw up in front of STRANGERS (oh the embarrassment that 7 year old felt).  We laughed a ton and then boy, who is fast becoming a years beyond his age, asks me about my day.  I tell him that I went and had breakfast with Aunt Jenny and came home and started reading.  If we have anything that is identical, it is our Passion for reading.  His description of reading follows:

“Mom when you read does your mind spark…you know, like a time machine that takes you somewhere else?”

“Heck yeah it does, it’s awesome huh!”

“Heck yeah!!!  In my chapter books, the dinosaurs come alive and I see them in all their colors.”

“Did you know Wyatt that imagination is a sign of intelligence?”

“It is?  Hey K, when you read do you see the book?”

kit: “Sometimes/”

“Mom, K isn’t highly intelligent like me and you.”

God I love him, he is truly gifted in so many ways.  Not bad for a kid born early, dead and little.  He’s my miracle baby, he is my soulmate!!  Being connected to them is life giving, eternal and everything….but so much damn fun!!!!


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