The story of my saggy left boob

Have any of you woke up one day to see your left breast sagging an inch lower than your right??  I DID!!  Weird….freaked out….what else can I say except that I hollered for Rizzi to come look at my poor sagging girl.  She confirmed that I wasn’t crazy and it in fact, over night, decided to drop.  Now maybe I should mention that I have implants, so sagging is not a good thing.  I stared in the mirror at my boobs for at least an hour.  I put my arms up, yep still saggy.  I placed my hands on my hips…yep, same result.  I finally dressed (though I peaked a few more times during the day to make sure lefty wasn’t just playing a joke on me) and called my Plastic Surgeon.  He’s an honest great man and fit me in the next day.

Now, I’ve had my “girls” for 10 years, as I was sick of looking like a 12 year old boy in a bikini.  Truth be known I really made the decision for a guy that was infactuated with big boobs.  Before him I never really put any thought into breasts…I didn’t really have any so I didn’t think about them.  Once I got them it was amazing the attention I got…from everyone, including women.  I grew to love them and thought I looked great in my clothes.  So when I entered the office of the PS and he explained that I had to get them out I was torn.  I wanted to be natural again, but was scared of the outcome.  He explained that he could put other implants in, but I said no “get em outta me!”  He explained that with my age my skin would probably bounce back.  PROBABLY….that word was scary ,but hey, I just wanted to be healthy again.  He scheduled my surgery for that Friday.  Only 3 days left with my round, supple girls.

Day of surgery. . . like your really excited to get your boobs out.  It took a total of 3 seconds for me to go out and then I remember a nurse telling me that everything went well.  If that’s the case why does it feel like a gorilla is sitting on my chest.  But in typical Marcy fashion I just said thanks, to which the nurse said, your so polite and I again said thanks.  My mouth kept saying thanks, and my mind was screaming, JACKASS TELL HER YOUR IN PAIN.  This nurse was apparently a mind reader because she gave me some pain meds in my IV.  Time passes strangely when medicated, but I do remember seeing Rizzi and my sister come to my bed.  Big smiles all around.  I was still a little in and out, but I do remember my sister pulling down my bandages and telling me that my boobs were so cute.  Cute?  No I want them to be mesmerizing for Christ sake!!  

I had drains in for four days (GROSS!!!) and had an appointment on Tuesday to get them removed.  Ok, what an experience that was.  They start pulling them out and I feel it in my armpits, it was by far the strangest feeling ever.  They took off the bandages and let me look…..AHHHH!!  It was prune like skin just hanging there.  I so wanted to cry.  I decided at that moment that I hated them.  My left breast was flat, like flatter than a pancake flat.  My right one was ok, she had some umph.

So today, 6 days out of surgery, they are starting to get “fluffy”  Do you own a feather pillow?  If you do you’ll understand.  You know every now and then you have to fluff it up to get it all round and big again right?  Well that’s how I’m viewing my boobs.  Each day that goes by they seem to fluff back up.  The PS told me that I’d have a better idea of size and “fluffiness” in two months, until then, I’ll just keep giving them pep talks, a few pats here and there and play with them (real boobs really are funner!!!)


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  1. Hi Marcy,

    Thank-you for your comment on my blog. It was so sweet, and it made me feel good this afternoon.

    I really sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope you are feeling better and your boobs are fluffy.

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