So I sit on my porch…

and watch the world….probably cause I have a shit load of homework to do but I’m to tired to do it.  It’s nice though, to stop and watch the world.  Right now the chimes jingle their high pitch as the sound of a 70;s something truck drives by.  The glass man, who is replacing a broken windshield of a neighbor’s car, has the radio on to some talk radio…it’s more of a low murmur.  Even the intruding “ugly” sounds seem pleasant right now.  The skater kid, who lives 2 houses down, throws his board to the ground and begins to ride off his young wife calls out to him that she loves him.  His reply, “I love you too, but I’m still mad.”  His honesty is no doubt unpleasant, but it’s filled with so much truth it’s hard to ignore.  The high school near by has just released it’s prisoners, and they shuffle on by talking about, “katie is so mean, she can be so bitchy….” as it trails off as they leave my area of the house.  The school bus, as yellow can be, noisily makes it’s presence known.  In all of this, I sit typing, looking up momentarily to notice the woodpecker on the neighbors tree.  He’s making a home and I love to watch him.  I love my life, it is so small compared to the universe, but HUGE because of all that I see and feel while I’m in it!!

I’m off to watch kids run as fast as humanly possible down a hill, with backpacks shaking and rumbling behind them, sweep them up into my arms and hug them huge!!!  It’s the little things that make my heart sing!!

PS – No, I’m not taking my mind altering drugs anymore and yes…I am a ROCKSTAR at heart!!


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