So I have to brag…

because you see, I have the best kids EVER!!!  Since my surgery, I have been having to take a lot of meds.  Some of these meds, on occasion, make me feel really sick (like the flu).  So I am sitting in the bathroom, not knowing which to do, throw up or piss out my ass.  My kids get up and make their own dinners (Rizzi is working) and while my son is eating, he leaves the table, comes to the bathroom door and checks on me.  He says, in his 8 year old voice, “Momma, are you ok?”  I tell him that I’m fine, but that my stomach is yucky.  He says, “well I’ll leave dinner at the table to check on you.”  Cutie!!  So, while still sitting in the bathroom fighting off that sick feeling, Cheyenne comes to the door and asks if she can come in.  I told her it probably wasn’t a good idea, but hey, she thought I was wrong apparently.  She slowly opens the door, holds out a thermometer and tells me, “here momma, this will tell you if your sick.”  How can you not love that?


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