How to type a weeks worth of crap…

in a small space…that is what I”m going to attempt to do.  Ok, so first off, have I mentioned that I had a recent visit from DCFS?  Wow, that was fun.  You see, we left M at home alone (I had a flat tire and my sexy girlfriend came to rescue me in Kaysville) and M wanted to stay home.  He has done this before, but it’s usually a shorter amount of time.  This kid is so responsible you don’t think twice, he’s 9 for Christ sake.  Before Rizzi left she turned on the stove, as M wanted to bake some lunch.  Well I had put cupcakes from Chey’s bday in the stove and forgot to take them out.  To M’s credit, he was so brave and smart.  He took the cupcakes out and remained calm.  When Rizzi returned M told him what happened and he was so proud that he did it on his own.  Well M, with good intentions, tells his other mom what happened.  She blew (like always) and called DCFS.  Two weeks later, Mr. DCFS is on my front porch and wants to talk with Rizzi and of course she is at work AND of COURSE I’m on Valium from my surgery.  Try keeping yourself together and not look like a druggy with Valium.  He came in and checked the house for smoke detectors.  He was so pleasant and seemed somewhat annoyed that he had to take a case on this petty shit.  My dumbass, as we walk past my fridge, says, “hey wanna check my fridge while your here, we got food.”  I so cracked myself up, and thank god he found it funny too….. fuckin Valium!  Case closed, new cell phone for kids.  How god damn hard is it for her to communicate with us?  Don’t get me wrong, the less contact I have with that . . you know. . the better off we are, but when it comes to talking about him, call anytime!!

Next thing… I dropped my Linguistics class.  It was soooo kicking my ass.  I got a D on my first exam and I studied like a mad woman!!  I just don’t have the time with work and kids to dedicate myself the way the class needs.  I for real cried when I got my grade.  I’m such a vagarina!

The other thing.  Found a friends blog.  I love to read about others, ecsepecially ones that have been there for you for years.  We are co-workers and friends, so I see her at work, but we rarely have the time to sit and really talk about each other, or we don’t share the deep dark shit at work.  It’s been nice to see her journey and battles.

I think that’s it.. . except I’m really annoyed with K, she is convincing my kids that I’m trying to take time away from her.  Seriously K, get over it, it’s not about you, it’s about me and my time with the kids.  Arrogant bitches, I’m surrounded by them! Sheesh.


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One response to “How to type a weeks worth of crap…

  1. mrsjf

    You are one tough bitch, just remember that! In the grand scheme of things, karma is always gonna get ya. She’ll get hers. Not soon enough for you or R, but it’ll come. Oh, and you’re a ROCK STAR; so take that J…psycho!

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