Who says a little rain ruins a wedding?

No really, it was so beautiful!!  My sister was married yesterday and it was incredible.  It was an outdoor wedding, so the weather was a little dicey, but it turned out fantastic.

On Thursday my aunts, Loyce and Diana, flew in from Florida.  YAY, my gay aunts were here 🙂  I spent Friday hanging out with family I haven’t seen for 12 years, but everything fell into place so nicely.  It’s like a day hadn’t passed when being with them.  We shopped, spent WAY to much money, ate lunch and had a family BBQ.  This is the first time Rizzi had met my aunts, and they sooo loved her (how couldn’t ya duh???)  I kept reminding Jenny it was her last day of being a Taylor, and we’d both cry….babies!

On Saturday, I woke up early, got ready and headed over to Jenny’s to help her load and pack all the necessary items to the house (a friends with the most incredible yard you’ve ever seen!)  It was nice to just hang out with Jenny, but it was CRAZY!  She just reconfirmed why I won’t do the whole ceremony thing with Rizzi.  Her wedding was to start at 1600 and at 1400 the storm came in with a vengeance.  As we were standing in the bathroom, Jenny curling her hair, she had no window to see the dark storm clouds, so she had no idea what the weather was doing.  That is until she heard the thunder.  With curling iron wrapped around her beautiful brown hair, she whipped her head in my direction and said, “is that fucking thunder?!?!”  I, in my meek timid voice affirm that it is indeed raining like no other, to which Jenny replies, “Marcy, go make it stop!!”  Well ok, it turns out I indeed control weather on the Wasatch Front.  I explained, that though she has been living in Utah her whole life, that weather changes quickly and she has nothing to worry about.  And thankfully I was correct.  At 1600 hours, when vows were being exchanged, it was glorious, sunny and no rain.  It was so beautiful, truly, I have never been to a wedding with TRUE love present.  They are so in love.  Livie, who was wearing a dress just like her mommas, slept through all the vows, but when the Jenny and Gregg said the “I will’s”  she woke up and giggled.  It was precious.  And when the priestess spoke of the element of water, it rained ever so slight.  As they walked off, towards the crowd, a double rainbow appeared in the background.  Soooo meant to be!  They are perfect for each other and I’m so happy for the both of them.  It was party time afterwards, and I mingled with everyone.  Lavely was there and hung out for the whole night.  It was so much fun…. I wish you all could have been there!!

Me and the Groom

Wyatt in his Tux

Chey and Rizzi all dressed up for the wedding


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One response to “Who says a little rain ruins a wedding?

  1. mrsjf

    I’ll bet Jenny was BEAUTIFUL. Glad it turned out so well. Please give them my congrats and wishes for a lifetime of love.

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