Enough of the Fluff…

*Warning:  If you believe that I, or the reader, will go to hell for using “bad” words, please don’t read*

I’ve determined that the devil does not wear prada, she live in N Ogden and wears jeans and T-shirts.  I know I posted about my sisters wedding already, but I really have to vent.  You see, 3 months ago we sent J an email asking “permission” for M to be in the wedding.  True to form, she did not respond.  One month ago we sent another email explaining that we would like M in the wedding.  Still, no response.  We explained to M, on our 4th day of the month we are “allowed” to visit him, that we really wanted him in the wedding.  He was excited to get dressed in a Tux and strut about with his bad ass self.  Still, no response from J.  I talked with M and he told me, “my mom won’t let me go and said it was for personal reasons I wouldn’t understand.”  Fuck REALLY!!!  Tell him J… tell him your immature and can’t handle that Rizzi is moving on with life and enjoying it without you, therefore, you won’t let him have a good time with us.  It kills me, we let M go (on our holiday weekend mind you) to J’s partner family reunion.  Now mind you, the reason we gave up some of our time with him was so that he could enjoy his other family. . but when it comes to Marcy and her family. . well we just got the biggest Fuck off ever!  How can someone be so spiteful, mean and just selfish.  It’s killing me. . it’s killing Rizzi.  I fuckin’ can’t stand her her!!!!  She definitely brings out the bad in those around her.  M started arguing with me the other day, saying that we lie to him and J all the time.  It got so bad that I broke down and showed him emails between us and J.  He sat dumbfounded and confused, not knowing what to believe.  Though he did say she lied to him.  It sucks that I have to show a 9 year old what a liar his mom is but do I do?  Seriously, how do you combat that kind of hate?  I sooooo wanted to pick up my phone and call her and ask what the “personal” reasons were for keeping her son from his Aunt Jenny’s wedding.  I still want to.  I should do it right now, but I won’t cause all it does it’s gets her fired up and she lies to M and then Rizzi and I are the bad guys.




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2 responses to “Enough of the Fluff…

  1. mrsjf

    You’re the bigger person; not that that makes you feel any better. M will grow up to realize who did what to whom. In the meantime, take a deep breath and just remember…KARMA.

  2. luckygirl75

    She’s a bitch ain’t she!!! Makes me just a little giddy 🙂

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