I have to admit…

I soooo have a crush on a guy… not just any old guy, but Clint Eastwood.  God damn he’s perfect. . well, his characters are.  I LOVE Dirty Harry, he’s the perfect cop.  I so wish I could walk into work and use his shit.  I would love to see the reaction from officers and inmates.  I want to call them all punks, it would rock.  And Clint… can you get hotter than him in his thirties and forties?  I am watching Dirty Harry right now, and I so want to go into my administrators office and just tell it like it is… damn political correctness!


On a different note, went to school today.  I love school.  Don’t get me wrong, I have days that I really question my decision to go back, but overall I love the hell out of it.  It makes my brain feel useful.  I dropped my Linguistics course, it was kicking my ass and for a intro course, I just didn’t have the time it required.  So two courses. .I think that is the best plan anyways.  I don’t think I have the time to take 3 courses a semester.  It will take me longer than I hoped, but hell, I got a lot of years left in this body.

Do you ever wake up and want to clean, clean, clean?  That was me today.  I love the rain, it makes me so damn happy.  I love making the coffee, sitting with the windows open and smelling the earth cleanse itself.  So I scrubbed the floors.  I have beautiful wood floors so I love to wax them at least every other week.  With my surgery I couldn’t do it, but I bucked up today and cleaned.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sooo paying for it, but it was worth it.  

Off to get munchkins from school!


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  1. mrsjf

    Love the new look!

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