Do you have days….

that don’t have enough hours in them?  That’s how I felt yesterday.  Trying to tie up loose ends on a social . . While at work.  That’s always fun, trying to finish a personal project while on duty.  Calls in between duty calls.  Sheesh.  It was nice that it was busy at work, makes 12 hours go by much quicker.  I saw Mrs. JF, she looks so fantastic.  I decided, enough of excuses and made a lunch date with her Tues (YAY!!!)  The new schedule came out and I’m so excited about the crew I’m getting.  It should be nice, and they didn’t screw with my days off so I don’t have to panic about school.  School. . . wow, I’m surprised I have found time to even go.  I feel bad because I had to miss Wed and that was the day we have to work in groups.  Feelin like a slacker, but I’m sure the feeling will go away when some other “duty” comes up.


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