Your kidding me right….

that’s the first thought that ran through my head as I read the email from ML.  He said that we would be canceling our first monthly social for a equal rights group.  I have volunteered time, which is precious and few at this juncture in my life.  Then I felt like a complete failure, not sure how the whole thing fell apart.  And then within a few hours of that email, we are back on.  It seems so flaky that I’m about ready to give up, and if you know me well that doesn’t happen to often.  To top that off, a friend of mine that does Mary Kay asked if I’d help her book one last party before the end of the month.  After a ton of emails were sent out, the only responses I got back were to let me know that no one would be showing up. . that’s great, another failure in my list of failed attempts this week.  I know it was short notice, but I so hoping I could help out a friend.  So I get ready to pick up my phone and let my friend know it’ll be the two of us hanging out and chatting more or less (which isn’t a bad thing) but I was hoping to help her sales and well frankly, I’m a poor bitch. 

Off to take a Tylenol PM and let the feeling of failure slip away 😦



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One response to “Your kidding me right….

  1. Oh man – this is SO not your fault! You have done an amazing job of trying to keep it going. & with NO help!
    We get back in town that evening and if it works, we’ll be there to give you some appreciation. If we can’t, just know we’re appreciating you from our tired home.

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