Wow. . I actually have a minute

to myself.  Weird!  I’m not sure what to do with myself so I thought I’d type random thoughts and weird ideas.  Well ok, probably not weird ideas, as my brain is goo! 

Met with some friends the other night.  I love just being with friends that you haven’t seen in some time.  We all see each other at work, but rarely find the time to actually just hang out.  It was relaxing and it recharged my weary little soul.  Thanks ladies for helping find center again!

So much happens in one day that I don’t feel like I can keep up.  I know I posted that I like to stay busy, I know far too well what happens to me and those around me when I’m bored, but frankly, I think I’m much to busy right now.  I am one of those girls that likes to keep schedules, pride myself on being organized, and this whole week has been a series of mishaps.  I’m not sure when my brain checked out on me, but it left me hanging quite a few times this week.  I feel so scattered right now!  

Ok here is the random part of the post, I know it probably won’t make sense, buts the shit that crosses my mind. . . hold on, it’ll be fun!

– Don’t be weak and then whine about it!

–  My past will haunt me only if I let it

–  I wish that others wouldn’t let their past stop their growth of today

–  I hope that Karma is in effect for everyone

–  They grow so fast and I want time to stand still

–  How can you help the helpless?

–  Why do people buy into hate?  How can they not see their impact on others?

–  Do I make the right decisions for my kids?

– When I feel weak, I look at the world around me and see that strength is not a given, it’s a talent.

– Why is it that when a women is strong, confident and sure of herself she’s known as a bitch?

–  Would a dick really make me more believable?

– Is ignorance bliss?

–  Why can’t the evil people have disease and hurt and the good have to suffer from loss, disease and pain?

–  Cause anger solves what?

–  Do all of them know that I love them so much?

–  Singing really is therapy!

–  Content is just that!

–  How does this shit really help me with getting a degree?

–  Why do I worry so much?


I think that’s it for today. . sheesh!



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2 responses to “Wow. . I actually have a minute

  1. mrsjf

    Funny, how I read your random thoughts and know who or what you’re referring to. Just remember, the people that love you know the truth and that’s all that matters. The others aren’t important in the grand scheme of things. So sing out loud, dance to your on beat, be happy! I love you!

  2. mrsjf

    When you get a chance, check out my second cousin’s blog. His link is on mine; Doric Wilson. He’s an interesting guy who’s led a fascinating life.

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