Got religion?


That is the question that many seek.  Now I didn’t just come up with this on my own, I was reading a post a friend wrote and it got me thinking…for most of the day. . of why people feel this drive to be connected to something/someone to attach themselves to.  I think that it’s because it’s what we are taught.  My kids first thoughts and inclinations weren’t centered around “why are we here?”  “what is my purpose” and “it is my duty to dedicate myself to God.”  Now some may say this is blasphemy, but seriously, why do we torture ourselves with investing in something more?  Religion to me is waking up and hearing rain, waking up and feeling her, seeing my kids laugh so hard that they pee their pants.  It’s conversations, with depth and emotion, with friends and family.  Sticking me in a building and talking about a book that was written by men thousands of years ago (and has been transcribed numerous times with an agenda I’m sure) is not religion.  Weird thing is, I don’t feel guilt for not “teaching” my kids the bible, but that has to be because I know I teach them in other ways what good and bad is.  Now I believe good and bad are feelings you can have when your young, and truly, religion does not need to be involved for human beings to understand what the “right” thing is to do.  

So in all of this, I guess I’m trying to say, that my religion is the earth, me and my friends and family in it and I’ll continue to worship whenever and however I feel like it.  Isn’t that what life is about?  Isn’t that what Christianity is all about?  Though I don’t consider myself christian, I know that I am good person with or without “organized” religion.


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  1. mrsjf

    Absolutely…one day they may decide earth and family and friends are all they need, which would be just fine. My hope is they make informed decisions, based on all sides of the equation ~ the book translated many times over by man, the atheist perpective, the laws of nature, etc, etc, etc…

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