Do you ever have days. .

that make you really wonder what the fuck is wrong with people?  Yeah, that’ my day today.  Not so much what is wrong with people I suppose, but more of. . who the fuck are you?  You believe you know someone and then, out of left field, the totally change the rules of friendship and coresponse?  Well, I’m done.  I’m so done being a “good” friend, which really means, “hey let me tell all about my shit. . be there when I need ya” but then they move on to bigger and better things.  You know, like you being there to help them during a transition, yet when your stuck in a fucking hospital and you could really use some help you realize. . I’m so totally fucking alone (well except those that really count, Rizzi and Jenny).  So yeah, I’m sooo cleaning out my closet of life force energy zappers.  I’ve found myself once again kicking myself in the ass for over extending to others.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t “play nice” or help others with conditions. . but frankly, I’m exhausted and I’m done just being there for others.  I can’t do it anymore!!!


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  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear this. I’m thinking of both of you and hoping you work it out. I imagine it’s been a pretty tough road for both of you lately.
    Big hug to you! & hey, when can we get together?

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