So excited. . and frustrated. . and relieved. . and….

Yeah, I have a lot of catching up to do, but I’ll try and keep it simple.  First off, I’m so excited that I completed the basic course in negotiations.  It was by far the best training I have been involved in.  Frustrated, well Admin made a decision about my time I’m using for school.  Admin will not let me continue coming in work early to make up for time that I’m in school, but said I could work extra shifts and hold it as comp.  Now I don’t want to sound thankless, but when do I have time to work extra?  Truly, I am a single mom, as dad is in Afghanistan, I work full time and I would have NEVER signed up for the courses in the day if my Lt. did approve it.  So I will withdraw from courses today and move forward.  I am really excited to start a new shift with a new boss. . . YAY!!!

Friday night I was lying down to sleep and felt that twinge in my throat. . yeah, I’m so on my way to having a cold.  I feel ya Mrs. JF!!!  

Off to go walk the dog, make a incredibly yummy dinner later and play with kids. . the extra time off will be weird but fun!!!



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2 responses to “So excited. . and frustrated. . and relieved. . and….

  1. What? No more school? I am so sad for you!!
    But also proud of you for the direction you’re finding. Just take care of yourself – don’t get too tired.

  2. mrsjf

    A minor bump in the road, right? You’ll be back on track in no time. Glad you like the changes. I’m easily bored with my blog ~ it’s constantly evolving. Anyway, wanted to remind you that you’re loved.

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