What I learned while phone banking for Obama. .

First off, I love people in Ohio.  They were so kind!  Not one person told me off or wanted to scream obscenities at me before they even knew why I was calling. Most of the voters I spoke to were older.  Take Joyce, she’s 91 and was so sweet. . she made me promise to call her tomorrow and tell her who won the election.  She said she is a black woman and she has been hanging on to make sure that a black man would hold office before she died.  I so fell in love with her.  And you know I’ll be calling her tomorrow!

Secondly. . FUCK Colorado.  Damn, those people need a vacation or something.  Everyone single one. . . no really EVERY single one of them were rude!  When did screaming into a phone constitute the proper, appropriate response?  This wasn’t my first day calling, as I’ve made over 300 calls, but without fail CO has been the worst to call.  I will NEVER vacation in CO.

Third, there really are A LOT of people voting this election.  Though I believe, with all my core, that Obama will win, if he doesn’t he can credit himself for motivating a nation to get involved. . FINALLY.  To many have sat silent and not let their voices be heard.  I hope the momentum doesn’t stop tonight.  I hope that I’m just as willing to call strangers for a cause I believe in.  

I’m proud of myself and love knowing that I helped make history!!  I await waking up in the morning and seeing America take a step forward, for a change, and embrace change 🙂



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  1. mrsjf

    You SHOULD be proud of yourself. Thank you for all your hard work. Now we can tell our children / your niece they can be ANYTHING they want to be and truly mean it!! By the way, I won’t be vacationing in Colorado either…

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