With all this gay pride, who has time for Holidays?

Between working with my “family” for organizational purposes and deciding who’s cooking the turkey, life can be hectic, but truth be told I LOVE IT!!  I love the atmosphere and the fact that so many people are involving themselves.  Now that’s not to say that at some point I haven’t thought, “where the hell were all these people the last few years?”  I’ve been out for 4 years and I think I plunged myself into the ’cause’.  Not to say I couldn’t do more (always willing to involve myself more) but maybe it’s that people like myself don’t know how.  It seems you have to be connected to someone to get somewhere.  Ogden is so disconnected from SLC and we are the ugly step sister that gets ignored.  Hopefully with perseverance we can get this ugly step sister a pretty dress and a hair cut. . . no what I’m sayin?


So I will live my life with a fullness that is noticed, a voice that is undeterred and a grace that can’t be ignored.


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One response to “With all this gay pride, who has time for Holidays?

  1. I adore you! …even though you live too far away for me to see you. 🙂
    It seems we may be working together on the Equal.nox project – I can’t wait!

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