A conflict in personal vs. professional

It was divulged to me from a fellow employee that my chief sees this “push” from the gay community as a “war” and he solicited for his fellow Mormon employees to give an “extra 10%” tithing to win this supposed war.  He also stated that gays and lesbians are “tearing apart the morale fabric of America.”  When a fellow Mormon employee explained to him that he “didn’t care” and he didn’t understand how the gays and lesbians threaten his life/marriage, the Chief became more adamant and wouldn’t drop the issue.  Sad part of all of this is that one of the employees subjected to this personal summation by the Chief is gay, but not out at work.  Can’t blame him, with this type of mood in the Sheriff’s Office.  But I can’t help but dwell on how this has affected him. . hell as well as me.  Can you imagine listening to this conversation and not saying anything?  He told this conversation took place in a County vehicle with 3 other County employees.  He said he wanted to be dropped off in Bountiful and find a ride home.  I stood, staring at him stunned, not knowing what to say to him.  Not knowing how to help.  I felt defeated, confused and angry.  

I’ve had much respect for my chief, as he calls me his favorite Sergeant.  Funny thing, he has distanced himself from me the last few months, and now I think I know why.  What to do?  This employee told me this in confidence and if I were to approach/confront the chief about this conversation it would “out” this employee, and his fear of being revealed is high.  I so badly want to sit across the desk from the chief and ask him how I threaten his security in his marriage.  I want to invite him to “live” with my family so he has proper perspective.  He has taken away some of my hope, and has proven to me that his Policy and Procedure are obsolete, as he violated the whole, “no politics at work” theory.  So fuck it, I’ll speak out the best and appropriate means available to me.  No longer will I sit in a room of employees speaking politics and have me sit silent.  Every Obama joke will be met with facts.  Every gay comment (that’s so gay) will be met with sarcasm and an opportunity to educate.  And if the employee who isn’t out leaves (as he’s actively pursuing other jobs) I will make it a point to sit across from the chief and ask hard questions hoping for sincere responses.  I’ll be marked and go know where in my career, but sounds as if I wouldn’t anyways.


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