and continues. .

So when did calling from Afghanistan because your daughter wants to try and be a vegetarian, constitute a national crisis?  So Cheyenne tells me she feels “bad” when she eats meat and wants to “try” and be a vegetarian for 30 days.  I agree I’ll “try” with her, excluding Thanksgiving of course, and we are on day 5.  Well Andy calls from Afghanistan to tell me that he won’t allow her to be a vegetarian.  Really?  Cause you can control that?  He went on and on about how it’s a “lifestyle” choice and she isn’t old enough to make that decision.  Ummm, listen to yourself.  This is sooo about Andy and not Cheyenne.  But hey, he can’t control what happens in my home.  It was explained to the kids that they would have different rules at different houses.  The problem I’m having, he yelled at them.  Told them they were wrong for making a choice and told them they couldn’t talk to me about what happens at his home.  Fuck, can’t an adult see what this does to children?  They are made to feel like they are keeping secrets, and encouraging them to lie and feel guilt.  I feel so bad for my kids.  But, I won’t let it discourage me from allowing them some atonomy.  He is such a control freak! But thank god I’m no longer controlled by him and I think this is what gets him all wound up.



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2 responses to “and continues. .

  1. mrsjf

    Sorry Mr. Man is such a…pain. Look this up, it’ll make you smile,

    Love you, enjoy!

  2. mrsjf

    In the grand scheme of life, it doesn’t matter matter. Remember…karma.

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