Is it weird. .

to buy christmas decorations because it has Ho Ho Ho in it??  Seriously, I live in O town and I giggle to think of the double meaning.  I think I have problems 🙂  

So got the Christmas tree all decorated and I have to be honest, I wasn’t really in the mood.  I believe that Christmas is the most over rated holiday.  It know longer has the meaning it should.  It’s gluttony and I can’t stand the race to get the “best” gift.  I love that I’m with someone that feels the same way.  I think that we will be making a dinner and dropping it off at a house in our neighborhood, along with “presents” – you know, the things one “needs” in life (hygiene products, food, and warm blankets).  That to me is the meaning of Christmas.  It’s not stampeding people to death for the “perfect” gift, not spending a shitload of money to make your kids happy and it sure as hell isn’t my tree looking like Martha Ste**’s.  I think that this is the time of year that I stop believing in mankind.  

Wow, I’m a bundle of freakin joy!!  But seriously, why isn’t it Christmas all year long?


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