So a couple of days ago. .

I volunteered for EU.  I’d have to say it is amazing work that all of them do!  I had a new prospective of how personal their work is and how hard, at times, it must be.  Even with that said, I can’t imagine how gratifying it must feel knowing your making change for a huge group of people.  Everyday you walk through the door of your work place it is impacting hundreds, if not thousands, of Utah citizens.  Of course, being who I am, I was jealous that I didn’t have a cute little desk with a computer and pictures of my family sitting in that lobby.  The nice thing about volunteering is it encourages me to try harder and maybe. . . just maybe. . if I irritate them long enough that cute desk I dream about will become a possibility.  I can no longer work somewhere that doesn’t believe in me, but I could only leave that job if it was for the “perfect” job.  It’s not about money, quite the contrary, it’s about believing in what you do and having enough passion to pull you through the hard days.  At EU that would be me, the passion and drive would keep me dedicated.  Currently, I work in an environment that is counterproductive to my lifestyle and I feel like I’m “selling out.”  My ticket out of that feeling was school, but my job found a way to take that away, therefore, I hope all the lovely people at EU are ready for me to be at their doorstep every chance I get so that they can see what I have, what I will give and what I’m ready to learn. . just short of begging of course 😉

I love making new chapters in my life and I believe I began writing a new one on Dec. 08



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2 responses to “So a couple of days ago. .

  1. We’re ready for anything you’re ready for! I really loved you coming in this week and look forward to the next many Tuesdays.

    You are unlike any other – I’m happy to call you “friend”.

  2. luckygirl75

    Keri you have no idea what that means to me, thank you!! I’m so ready to work along side you, you have no idea!! If it was offered tomorrow I’d take it!!!

    You are a DEAR friend that impacts me every time I see/talk with you, thank you!!

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