Whew. .

the Holidays are winding up and I’m kinda ready for it. . know what I mean.  I just gotta get the decorations all bundled up and put away nicely and I’ll be done.  YES!!  

I thought I would write today for dear friends.  Recently I have met new friends and have had the great fortune to spend time with old friends.  I just wanted all of those in my life to know that I have a huge heart for all of you!

Heather, who has been with me since I was 15, YOU ROCK lady!  I hope that the new year brings you the joy you deserve!  Mrs. JF, I love you!  I hope that the New Year brings you health (kick that cancer’s ass!!)  I know how strong you are, but know that I am the shoulder to keep you up when you need a break (cause we all know you never ask for help or ever stop!)

KLJ , you will never know how you inspire me on a daily basis!  Prior to meeting you I knew I was a strong, confident girl, but I never knew what I was capable of doing until I met you.  You give me reason to try harder, do more and become involved.  Your small ripple in my pond has turned into a wave ready to adapt and conquer!!

And Rizzi, what can I say other than Bues!!  You are my balance!  You truly are my “other half”, my bestest friend in the universe and words couldn’t even touch what and who you are to me!  Truly, Madly, Deeply, COMPLETELY in love with you!

To those that I haven’t met yet, it will be unforgettable, exciting and a friendship with depth, you won’t regret it. . Promise 🙂

To the lights of my universe. . my kids.  My heart swells just thinking of your faces!  You encompass me and give me reason to keep going when life gets tough.  You teach me more than I thought possible and I’d take class with you guys over anything else life has to offer.  You are the future and I believe that you will have an impact on this universe that will make the future brighter for all that surround you!  Even through the moments of frustration, we hug, kiss, laugh, and live life like will be taken away at any moment, there truly is no regret with how we live together!  Keep teaching me and I’ll keep listening and learning. . I LOVE YOU!!


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