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A flurry and whirlwind of activity. .

have been my life this last week.  Rizzi’s parents came out from CA.  It’s always nice to catch up with your “in-laws”:)  We had thanksgiving at my parents house (it’s larger than Jenny and my house. . that was poor English I know)

I’m so not motivated to get christmas unpacked and set up.  I need a maid!


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Cause I’m a Rock Star. .

I got my rock moves. . 

You know everyone needs an anthem/motto and I think this is mine for the week.  Not sure where that just came from but I’m going with it.  Truth be told I’m up at 3am because I am trying to retrain my body to stay awake all night. . I start graveyard shift tomorrow (ok today) and though it will be nice to have a change, the hours really SUCK!!!  My saving grace is that I will be volunteering for EU for the legislative session and I’m way excited to be a part of the process.  Never thought that I’d be able to say that I would involve myself, but I’ve never been one to not involve myself in what I care about.  I am fortunate to have met people with information and bright enough to use it 🙂

On another note. . I am sooo IN love!  Do you ever have moments where you wonder how the hell you got so lucky?  Yeah, that’s me.  I am the LUCKIEST girl in the galaxy!

I attended Lobbyist training tonight.  I love it!!  It inspires to keep trying, move forward and put my passion where my mouth is (not that way you dirty girls 🙂

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Do you speak magical unicorn??

That’s what myself and ML figured out at Sund#nce.  You see, this is so not my crowd!  I was sorta outta place, but I love ML, he’s the funniest to go places with. . but if you run into Hollywood Stars, just remember you magical unicorn speak and you’ll be covered!!

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History in the making. .

that is what I see every morning as my children wake up, groggy eyed and sleepy.  As they pour their cereal, get their spoons and snuggle in front of heater vents to stay warm, I can’t help but see the future and all it holds in their little faces.  

Last night, MLK day, I took the opportunity to read to them his bio and then we watched the “I have a Dream” speech.  Of course I cried, and through my tear streaked face, I looked at each of the kids and couldn’t help but think that they are going to make the change the world needs.  

And these hopes were only re-iterated by President Obama.  You see, I believe that all people, regardless of labels, political affiliation or any other nonsense, can’t help but believe that better times are coming our way.  And I know these truths when backpacks are slung on backs, as pencils are secured in their boxes and toothpaste kisses are given in the car.  As I listened to MLK’s speech again, his words echoed in my mind as my daughter greeted her friend, hand in hand, at the door and the two little girls, who happen to be differently colored but bonded in humanity, laughed and ran into school together.


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Love you, miss you, want to be with you. .

is what the text read, but it was so much more.  The notion that someone loves me, needs me , wants me. . only concepts a few short years ago.  If anyone had told me that I would find love and come to understand what that word means I would have laughed in their face.  You see fairy tales have places in books, not hearts.  Words to be read, not felt.  Funny thing about love, and it’s individuality is, that once it’s found you feel it for all around you.  I see the world through fairy tale glasses and it’s the action, not the words, that matter.  

To my charming, not enough words to offer, but I’ll keep showing you daily how much I need, want, crave you!!

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