History in the making. .

that is what I see every morning as my children wake up, groggy eyed and sleepy.  As they pour their cereal, get their spoons and snuggle in front of heater vents to stay warm, I can’t help but see the future and all it holds in their little faces.  

Last night, MLK day, I took the opportunity to read to them his bio and then we watched the “I have a Dream” speech.  Of course I cried, and through my tear streaked face, I looked at each of the kids and couldn’t help but think that they are going to make the change the world needs.  

And these hopes were only re-iterated by President Obama.  You see, I believe that all people, regardless of labels, political affiliation or any other nonsense, can’t help but believe that better times are coming our way.  And I know these truths when backpacks are slung on backs, as pencils are secured in their boxes and toothpaste kisses are given in the car.  As I listened to MLK’s speech again, his words echoed in my mind as my daughter greeted her friend, hand in hand, at the door and the two little girls, who happen to be differently colored but bonded in humanity, laughed and ran into school together.



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