Back from Vegas. .

and I don’t even know where to begin!!  First off,  we left right after I got off work at 7am.  We arrived around 10am and  stayed awake for over 36 hours. . it was awesome!  Like being drunk without drinking.  We shopped all day, and to my surprise, we purchased a lovely piece of art by Micael Godard called Angel Hair.  It is a tribute to his daughter who died of cancer.  

It was pricey, but so worth it!!

We ate at a burger joint, can’t remember the name, and it was the best!!  We didn’t grab dinner, as by the time we got back to the room at 8pm I was done and fell asleep.

Thursday woke up early, grabbed some breakfast at a nice cafe.












We left from there and hunted out tattoo shops.  Found Pair-of-Dice. . they ROCK!!  Made appointments for the next day.  Thursday night we went out to Studio 54 and Krave .  I was informed at the door of Krave that it was an alternative club, not a GAY club. . remember that when you meet the hugest door man EVER!!!


Marcy all ready for a night out!

Marcy all ready for a night out!











Rizzi all ready for a night out!

Rizzi all ready for a night out!













We finished off the trip with tattoo’s. . and what better ending??  


Rizzi's Irish Flag

Rizzi's Irish Flag











Rizzi's Italian Flag

Rizzi's Italian Flag











Marcy's new tattoo!

Marcy's new tattoo!










Now we are home and I ready to go back!!!!



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  1. mrsjf

    You two are darling! Glad you had fun, love you both!!

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