I’m embarrassed. .

angry, frustrated and just plain stunned by Sen. Chris Buttars comments.  But in all of this I’ve found that the best I can make of his stupidity is that a 5 foot, 95 pound girl can be that intimidating.  This man is so sheltered he can’t possibly have a clue of the “real” world.  Surrounding yourself around like minded people your entire life doesn’t make you an expert in morals or Terrorists.  I’m embarrassed that he continues to be elected by my fellow Utahns.  I mean really, this man has made horrible comments towards the African American community and the GLBTQ community and he continues to sit in a position that determines how many of us live in this community.  As I’ve said before and will conitnue to preach, embrace people like him, they make life interesting and make me continue to make myself known.  He gives the will to fight for what is just and fair. . maybe I should invite him to dinner ????


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  1. I totally know how you feel and I would do the same thing. I find that in most situations, like here in Texas, that it is harder for a person to discriminate when they have sat down and eaten a meal with you, or worked beside you on a project at your kid’s school.

    Keep speaking what you believe…. one voice can make a difference to one person…..


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