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Not sure what to write. .

as words don’t seem appropriate for the 4 officers killed in Oakland.  Though I know there is a huge part of the population that don’t appreciate cops, but most can appreciate the loss of life.  Though I have not walked the same streets as the officers that died, I can understand the threat they face daily.  To continue to put on a uniform without knowing if you will hug your wife/husband/children I can understand.  It is usually a thankless job, but I would want all families involved to know that I will not forget their bravery and courage.  I will not forget that they sacrificed all to save the public.  And though my brothers and sisters in blue may faulter at times, I choose to remember those that believe in truth and justice.  With all this being said I would be foolish not to send white light to the family of the perpetrator.  May they find peace!


“Policeman’s Prayer

When I start my tour of duty God,
Wherever crime may be,
as I walk the darkened streets alone,
Let me be close to thee.

Please give me understanding with both the young and old.
Let me listen with attention until their story’s told.
Let me never make a judgment in a rash or callous way,
but let me hold my patience let each man have his say.

Lord if some dark and dreary night,
I must give my life,
Lord, with your everlasting love
protect my children and my wife.

(Author Unknown)


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Why is it. .

that when you have more shit to get done is when you get the god forsaken cold??  I mean really, as if you don’t have to motivate yourself enough to get projects done ’cause you work a shit load of hours, the cold settles in and says, “this should be some good entertainment.”  I tend to hate colds for a couple of reasons, one being, why do I have to listen to my own god damn voice??  My ears plug up and I sound like I’m speaking into a megaphone!!  I kinda feel bad for others, after listening to myself I think I may be annoying. . just sayin!

And the second reason, well it’s the snot.  Because how can you be sexy while blowing your nose??  YA CAN’T!!!  There is not way.  I have tried doing it quite, turning my back, but it didn’t work.  I have tried going into other rooms and well the whole house can here it and I have tried it sprawled out on the couch in panties and a bra. . wasn’t doing it for me or anyone else for that matter.  So I have concluded that there will be less done in the house with a minimum of sexual activity to follow. . . SHITTY!!!!

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What the hell. .

I was awoken to sore throat from hell!  And yes, Sgt. Driggs is to blame, as he came to work knowing his kids had strep throat!  I sooo don’t want to miss work, as I”m loving the new facility I am in.  I’m going to have to hurt someone!

On a lighter note, have been talking with a new friend in Austin, TX. . CJ!  Your the coolest!  

Been working in the house and I”m happy to say that I now am a proud owner of Central Air. . come on summer, I ain’t sceered no more!  Painting and changing lights in the house have been good times:



















This is before (right) and after (left)


It’s the little things that make a big difference 🙂

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