Why is it. .

that when you have more shit to get done is when you get the god forsaken cold??  I mean really, as if you don’t have to motivate yourself enough to get projects done ’cause you work a shit load of hours, the cold settles in and says, “this should be some good entertainment.”  I tend to hate colds for a couple of reasons, one being, why do I have to listen to my own god damn voice??  My ears plug up and I sound like I’m speaking into a megaphone!!  I kinda feel bad for others, after listening to myself I think I may be annoying. . just sayin!

And the second reason, well it’s the snot.  Because how can you be sexy while blowing your nose??  YA CAN’T!!!  There is not way.  I have tried doing it quite, turning my back, but it didn’t work.  I have tried going into other rooms and well the whole house can here it and I have tried it sprawled out on the couch in panties and a bra. . wasn’t doing it for me or anyone else for that matter.  So I have concluded that there will be less done in the house with a minimum of sexual activity to follow. . . SHITTY!!!!


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