Random thoughts on what is wrong with the Universe. .

As we shuffle, scoot, walk and climb our way through the world to be seen, what is missed is that the day we are named is the day have made our place in the universe.  One name, which at times can be overused by our parents when young, is what makes you “you.”  To often we “try to make a name for ourselves” and never realize that our parents did that for us, what is expected is to “live up to your name”, meaning, to remain true to yourself.  I see to often others trying to become something instead of just being something.  This is not to say that it does not take effort to remain true to ourselves, but what happens more often than not is that people go beyond what they are.  This allows for people to lie to themselves and turn their back on their truthes.  What is wrong with the world?  That people have stopped listening to who they are and hate others for it.



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2 responses to “Random thoughts on what is wrong with the Universe. .

  1. Word, Sista! Be Yourself, or just Be. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed reading this. Living up to our name instead of trying to make a name that’s already been made for us. How true that is.

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