How damn pathetic can some people be??

Ok, I know this is trivial and I shouldn’t put much thought into it, but god damn!!  So I was on twitter today and I noticed that someone was talking with “Katherine Moennig” (right!!) and they were literally kissing her ass about photos of her DOG!!!  If you know me, I love dogs more that people most days, but come on!!!  I mean, do they think that if they kiss her ass, act like “her” friend that they will be hanging out drinking beer together this weekend???  Christ people, she’s just a person.  Not the character you see on TV, a person who has family and friends and doesn’t need weird ones!!!  I think people are desperate and to tell you the truth, I could care less if you were on TV or in a movie, what matters is what kind of person you were before and after (and hopefully not much has changed.)  And to put it mildly, I think there is no difference between myself and the “stars”, being on TV does not make you a good person.  I wouldn’t want to know half those people anywasy!!!  AHHHHH, people are stupid and shallow!!!



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4 responses to “How damn pathetic can some people be??

  1. that’s just downright stupid…they ought to be slapped. even if it was the real Katherine Moenning (sure) do they really think she’s going to befriend some random twitter ass kisser?

    i dont know why folks are so obsessed with celebs…possibly due to lack of self esteem and a life

    …just thinking out loud.

  2. Can i get a one small photo from your blog?

  3. LOL@ this hilarious and dead on truthful rant. I feel sorry for people who do things like this. I feel more sorry for celebrities who do it to other celebrities. Tila Tequila is a great example of this… Ahh the joys and pangs of twitter.

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