Happy birthday. .

to my sweet little girl who is now 8.  I can’t believe how time flies.  She woke up this morning, in her favorite silk pj’s with happy clouds on them.  She snuggled with me in bed. . and I sucked it all in.  There will be a day that snuggling with mom isn’t cool.  My heart breaks to know that the next 8 years will probably fly by and in no time she will 16.  But at the same time, I’m excited to see her grow into who she wants to be.  I love you Cheyenne and I’m proud of who and what you are!



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2 responses to “Happy birthday. .

  1. Andi

    She sounds a lot like Austin and he’s 10 and still loves to snuggle. I’ve found that if I always have my camera around I’m good to go in capturing all the memories that it can hold. Happy Birthday Cheyenne!

  2. awww…my son turned 8 this month too! so i know how you feel, they grow so fast…and it’s wonderful to watch them blossom into young men and women.

    hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday!

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