An open letter of pity;

To whom it may concern,

For too long I have sat, with my little arms folded, head at attention, allowing you to cram down my throat your ignorance disguised as religion, tolerance and compassion.

For too long I have smiled, nodded in agreement with your hate (as fear is a great motivator) and wiped away tears when I thought that you weren’t looking. . .

But you would have to be a beast, an animal without comprehension of human emotion, to believe that your words do not wound nor scathe.  To damn me to hell to have the audacity to love?

You speak of love as though you are friends.  What do you know of love?

When you say that I am a child abuser for bringing them into this “lifestyle”, is that spoken out of love?  When you ridicule and speak such vile things as to rob my children of virtue, this is love?

Then I say, to hell with your love, I have no room in my heart for such hate.  OH, but that is what speaks to your heart. . hate!  That is what makes you fight, your fear of true compassion?  Do you believe this to make one weak?

Immoral?  Oh my friend you bed immorality on a nightly basis.  You caress her like a long-lost lover, longing to penetrate the recesses of the hallowed ground.  When you retreat, when you are no longer blinded by her love, you step up to your soap box, forgetting of your night of lust, and condemn.  But you continue to shame me?

Shame is having the ideology that being derogatory towards my kind is shielded by your bible!  How the heavens must weep at your blasphemy.  How you hold your head up high is a true puzzle to my mind.

Perversion?  This is something you can understand, as you have much practice in molesting minds and words.  Slavery is an ugly, repugnant part of your history but instead of learning from your hideous past you CHOSE to change your focus and condemn another group of people.  Though you are not allowed to mar my back with cow skin whips, your words leave the scars in my brain none the less.

So for your tyranny I extend my pity.  I, standing erect with confidence and pride, unfold my arms and offer the hand of reason.  Are you secure enough to intertwine your fingers with your foe and beseech upon a journey of self discovery?



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3 responses to “An open letter of pity;

  1. HOBBS

    I loved it the way it read the first time, the way that it reads now is just as well if not better, I find that when writing that most people will pick up on the first way get pissed and tell their friends which gets the word out but the majority of those that hate don’t have the ability to see the message and can only turn the words. I believe that most people look in a mirror and only see the picture and nothing deeper. That said it is amazing the way you put the words together.

  2. Dave

    my previous comment was really being sarcastic. Honestly, I think people will always hate. It’s a shame actually. Two things in this world that prevent us from being far more advanced than we are…hate & apathy.

  3. Great letter, Marcy. You are my hero!

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