“Congratulations on becoming. .

a new woman business owner!  Now for a mere $508.00 we can get people across America to network with you.”  Well fast talking solicitor I don’t think that paying you will be beneficial for networking in Virginia when I TRAIN DOGS!!  Unless of course the client is absolutely loaded, I don’t forsee my business being national.  Why is it human nature to boosts a persons ego, only to ask for money?  I think businesses have it all wrong.  I think they should call and say, “your business profit SUCKS.  You really aren’t doing what you could be doing for you business.  Now if you want to give me half of your taxes/life savings I can get your name out there.”  See, I might think about it then, only because this person was so honest.  I’m finding that blunt honesty is a less common commodity amongst the masses.  I miss people being completely honest.  Watered down versions of truths are still lies. . just sayin’


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