A long weekend. .

enjoying what is most important. . . the kids and Rizzi.  It was nice, we went to Park City and just lost ourselves in shopping, sugar, fatty foods and tubing.  I look at the kids, 11, 9, and 8 and just wish I could freeze time.  I already miss their 2 year old antics, but know that they are the best kids ever.  I mean, they came from me right???

If you haven’t taken the time to go to Gorgoza park, it’s definitely worth the money and time.  To hear your 8 year old little girl laughing like a crazy girl the whole way down the hill is worth any amount of money in the world.  And to see your sons eyes bigger than saucer plates for each hill is worth it as well.

And though the “other” to Rizzi is trying to take it all away again, it didn’t even matter.  All those problems and issues dissolved in our hot chocolate and warm chili fries.

Happy Valentines day my kick ass family.  You all hold a part of my heart that will never be earmarked for anyone but you!!


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  1. We LOVE that place! You can’t even get tired because they just drag your ass back up the hill while you have time to rest. 🙂


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